Country gentleman : the best of Ricky Skaggs

Ricky Skaggs

Label:Legacy 64883
Release Date:1998-01-27
Country:United States
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Song Information:

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A-1. Don't get above your raisin'
A-2. You may see me walkin'
A-3. Crying my heart over you
A-4. I don't care
A-5. Heartbroke
A-6. I wouldn't change you if I could
A-7. Highway 40 blues
A-8. You've got a lover
A-9. Don't cheat in our hometown
A-10. Honey
A-11. Uncle Pen
A-12. Something in my heart
A-13. Country boy
A-14. You make me feel like a man
A-15. Cajun moon
A-16. I've got a new heartache
B-1. Love's gonna get you someday
B-2. I wonder if I care as much
B-3. Love can't ever get better than this
B-4. I'm tired
B-5. Angel on my mind, that's why I'm walkin'
B-6. Thanks again
B-7. Old kind of love goin' round
B-8. Lovin' only me
B-9. Let it be you
B-10. Heartbreak hurricane
B-11. Hummingbird
B-12. He was on to something (so He made you)
B-13. Restless
B-14. Life's too short (to live like this)
B-15. Same ol' love
B-16. From the word love