Best loved bluegrass : 20 all-time favorites

Various artists

Label:Rebel REB-CD 8004
Release Date:2008-03-25
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2008-05
County Sales:#292

Song Information:

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1. Nine pound hammerTony Rice
2. John HenryLilly Brothers & Don Stover
3. Bringing Mary homeCountry Gentlemen
Recording Date:1965-02-23
Place:Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY
Master:8382 / 6165
Instruments:Charlie Waller-g; Eddie Adcock-bj; John Duffey-m; Ed Ferris-sb
4. Wabash CannonballClaire Lynch
5. White House bluesDel McCoury
6. Footprints in the snowMac Wiseman
7. Atlanta is burningBoys from Indiana
8. Fireball mailLonesome River Band
9. Fox on the runEmerson & Waldron
10. Poor Ellen SmithTed Lundy & the Southern Mountain Boys
11. Love of the mountainsLost & Found
12. Darling CoreySeldom Scene
13. Little glass of wineRalph Stanley
14. Train 45J. D. Crowe
15. Little rosewood casketDon Reno, Red Smiley & the Tennessee Cutups
16. Pig in a penStanley Brothers 1:45
Recording Date:1964-05-18
Place:Johnny's Used Cars, Baltimore, MD
Instruments:Carter Stanley-g; Ralph Stanley-bj; George Shuffler-sb
Vocals:C. Stanley-L; R. Stanley-T; G. Shuffler-B
17. Dream of a miner's childKeith Whitley & Ricky Skaggs
18. Down in the willow gardenDave Evans
19. Roving gamblerLarry Sparks
20. Lonesome road bluesLarry Richardson & Happy Smith & the Blue Ridge Boys