Something new

Grass Routes

Label:No label GR 0193
Release Date:2008
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2008-08

Song Information:

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16. Armadillo breakdown2:45
15. Everybody's reaching out for someone4:17
14. Hello in there4:30
13. Cold sheets of rain2:15
12. Bartender's blues3:40
11. Love of the mountains2:52
10. Hickory wind3:28
9. Mountain girl2:38
8. Wait a minute4:13
7. Sittin' alone in the moonlight2:29
6. When you come back down3:45
5. One teardrop and one step away2:32
4. River of death2:20
3. Dear old Dixie2:16
2. Something new2:41
1. I'll stay around3:04