From the heart and soul

Rickey Wasson

Label:Rural Rhythm RHY-CD 1038
Release Date:2008-08-12
Country:United States
County Sales:#296 ID: 4060159
   Amazon ASIN: B001B92F52
   Google Play: Bmy7ot4xbvgoy7wkbqbedqqswqi

Song Information:

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1. Whole lot more living2:13
2. Dark hollow2:45
3. Losin' in Las Vegas2:29
4. Touched by the Master's hand3:32
5. Don't wait up3:13
6. Billy G. Salvation2:30
7. Farther along3:24
8. Roll on buddy2:52
9. I can tell you the time2:40
10. Another soldier down3:34
11. I'll go steppin' too2:52
12. Get in line brother2:56
13. A place that has no yesterday3:02
14. Shoe goes on the other foot tonight2:46