Bluegrass, gospel, and mountain music, 1942-1959

Carl Story

Label:Bear Family BCD 16839
Release Date:2011-09-20
County Sales:#314

Song Information:

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A-1. You're a prisoner in my heart
A-2. I wanna be a railroad man
A-3. She's a two-timin' woman
A-4. Who's that man
A-5. I've found a hiding place
A-6. He's waiting there
A-7. Keep on the firing line
A-8. I heard my name on the radio
A-9. Heaven's my home
A-10. I'm pressing on
A-11. I'm gonna change my way of living
A-12. The circle was broken
A-13. I heard my mother weeping
A-14. Love is a game
A-15. I watched you walk away
A-16. Women are still the same
A-17. My Lord keeps a record
A-18. Everytime somebody calls your name [take 2]
A-19. Heaven's inside [take 3]
A-20. Tennessee border [take 4]
A-21. You're a prisoner in my heart
A-22. He's waiting there
A-23. Love is a game
A-24. Everytime somebody calls my name [take 1]
A-25. Everytime somebody calls my name [take 3]
A-26. Everytime somebody calls my name [take 4]
A-27. Heaven's inside [take 1]
A-28. Heaven's inside [take 2]
A-29. Tennessee border [take 1]
A-30. Tennessee border [take 2]
A-31. Tennessee border [take 3]
B-1. Will there be a traffic light?
B-2. When He reached down His hand for me
B-3. New Jerusalem way
B-4. Why don't you haul off and get religion?
B-5. He will set your fields on fire
B-6. You can't believe everything you hear [take 3]
B-7. No end to Heaven
B-8. That day is coming soon
B-9. Faded love
B-10. Four books in the Bible (Matthew, Mark, Luke & Joh
B-11. From the manger to the cross
B-12. I'll never go back (to the ways of sin)
B-13. The old country preacher
B-14. If you don't love your neighbor2:26
Recording Date:1951-07-05
B-15. You'll find me there2:32
Recording Date:1951-07-05
B-16. I'm Heaven bound2:38
Recording Date:1951-07-05
B-17. When the pearly gates swing open2:28
Recording Date:1951-07-05
B-18. God saved my soul2:32
Recording Date:1952-03-06
B-19. God had a son in service2:07
Recording Date:1952-03-06
B-20. We'll soon be done with trouble and trials2:25
Recording Date:1952-03-06
B-21. Mighty close to Heaven2:44
Recording Date:1952-03-06
B-22. My Lord's gonna lead me out2:17
Recording Date:1952-08-03
B-23. Are you afraid to die?2:46
Recording Date:1952-08-03
B-24. Are you walkin' and talkin' with the Lord2:20
Recording Date:1952-08-03
B-25. Follow Him2:20
Recording Date:1952-08-03
B-26. I'll live with God (to die no more)2:24
Recording Date:1952-09-23
B-27. They have gone home2:41
Recording Date:1952-09-23
B-28. Who will sing for me?2:20
Recording Date:1952-09-23
B-29. Angels rock me to sleep2:13
Recording Date:1952-09-23
B-30. You can't believe everything you hear [take 1]
Recording Date:1952-09-23
B-31. You can't believe everything you hear [take 2]
Recording Date:1952-09-23
B-32. No end to Heaven [alternate take]
Recording Date:1952-09-23
C-1. Are you washed in the blood2:11
Recording Date:1952-09-23
C-2. Just over in the Glory Land2:09
Recording Date:1952-09-23
C-3. Where the soul never dies2:17
Recording Date:1952-09-23
C-4. No drunkard can enter there2:06
Recording Date:1952-09-23
C-5. The Lord will make a way somehow2:40
Recording Date:1952-09-23
C-6. Lord lead me on2:35
Recording Date:1952-09-23
C-7. Way down deep in my soul2:15
Recording Date:1952-09-23
C-8. The land of eternal peace2:43
Recording Date:1952-09-23
C-9. My Lord keeps a record
C-10. Love and wealth
C-11. Lonesome hearted blues
C-12. Someone to lean on
C-13. Action speaks louder than words
C-14. Step it up and go
C-15. Have you come to say goodbye
C-16. It's a lonesome road
C-17. A million years in Glory
C-18. On the other shore
C-19. I love the hymns they sang at mother's grave
C-20. Love me like you used to
C-21. What a line
C-22. You've been tom cattin' around
C-23. One little word
C-24. Don't you hear Jerusalem mourn
C-25. Reunion in Heaven
C-26. It won't be long
C-27. Everybody will be happy over there
C-28. Echoes from the burning bush
C-29. Waiting for me
C-30. By the hands of God
C-31. Mother is old
C-32. Road of prayer
C-33. God put a rainbow in the clouds
C-34. Get on board little children
D-1. Got a lot to tell my Jesus
D-2. Light at the river
D-3. Mocking banjo
D-4. Banjo on the mountain
D-5. Saviour's love
D-6. Family reunion
D-7. Banjolina
D-8. Fire on the banjo
D-9. Who will sing for me
D-10. Old country baptizing
D-11. Paul and Silas
D-12. Angel band
D-13. Don't you love your daddy, too
D-14. For my Lord
D-15. Old gospel ship
D-16. Shout and shine
D-17. A beautiful city
D-18. Set your house in order
D-19. Old time religion
D-20. A beautiful life (Life's evening sun)
D-21. Life boat
D-22. I'll be a friend
D-23. This lonesome road
D-24. Hide me (Rock of ages)
D-25. The Circle was broken
D-26. I heard my mother weeping
D-27. Be kind to Mother
D-28. My Lord's gonna lead me out
D-29. Suicide blues
D-30. New San Antonio rose
D-31. She'll be happy in her home sweet home
D-32. Farm hour comedy
D-33. Dear old sunny South by the sea
D-34. Shout Lulu
D-35. Florida blues
D-36. Great shining light
D-37. Great speckled bird