Gardens in the sky

James King

Label:Rounder 0595
Release Date:2008-05-20
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2008-09
County Sales:#293

Song Information:

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18. Happy I'll be2:53
17. Will you feel at home1:51
16. Voice of my SaviorLongview 3:03
15. The prettiest flowers will be blooming3:13
14. Angels are singing (in Heaven tonight)Longview 4:28
13. Message for peace3:53
12. Just as the sun went down4:05
11. These old pictures2:38
10. The touch of God's handLongview 2:31
9. Don't worry mama3:09
8. Sweeter than the flowers4:18
7. It's hot down here2:25
6. Jerusalem tomorrow4:46
5. Garden in the sky3:02
4. Daddy doesn't pray anymore4:32
3. I just steal away and prayPaul Williams 3:02
2. The darkest hour is just before dawn2:20
1. Will he wait a little longer2:23