The room over mine

Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass

Label:Rounder 0589
Release Date:2008-06-24
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2008-10
County Sales:#294

Song Information:

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1. Don't throw mama's flowers away3:05
2. The convict and the rose4:18
3. I'm leaving Detroit2:30
4. I thought I heard you calling my name4:09
5. A memory of you2:52
6. Sweet potato rag2:14
7. I'm comin' back but I don't know when2:59
8. Another bridge to burn4:07
9. Raisin' cane in Texas3:38
10. The room over mine3:25
11. Backstep Sally Ann2:50
12. At the end of a long lonely day3:12
13. Drowning sailor2:41