Pickin' on totally country : 17 bluegrass versions of today's biggest country hits

CMH Studio Band

Label:CMH CD 9469
Release Date:2007-04-24
Country:United States
   Discogs.com ID: 5999708
   Amazon ASIN: B000NI3F4M

Song Information:

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1. Leave the pieces3:31
Composer:J. Hanson-W. Austin; Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music, BMI
Instruments:Tim Crouch-f/m/g; Larry Richardson-bj; Randy Kohrs-db; Jim Hoke-harmonica; Kevin Grant-sb
2. Jesus, take the wheel3:38
Composer:B. James-H. Lindsey-G. Sampson; Dimensional Music of 1091 / Sony/ATV Cross Keys Publishing
Instruments:Tim Crouch-f/m/g; Randy Kohrs-db; Beau Bassman-sb
3. Must be doin' something right3:16
Composer:M. Dodson-P. Matthews; Black in the Saddle Songs; EMI April Music
Instruments:Keith Sewell-g; Ned Luberecki-bj; Jesse Cobb-m; Smokey Taylor-f; Jeff Servais-pedal steel g/shaker; Byron House-sb
4. Tequila makes her clothes fall off2:44
Composer:G. Hannan-J. Wiggins; Chobe Music / Fiddle Stock Music / Heavy Leather Music, BMI
Instruments:Tim Crouch-f/m/g; Beau Bassman-sb
5. Honky tonk badonkadonk2:51
Composer:D. Davidson-R. House-J. Johnson; Big Borassa Music / EMI Blackwood Music
Instruments:Keith Sewell-g; Ned Luberecki-bj; Jesse Cobb-m; Stuart Duncan -f; Byron House-sb
6. Every mile a memory3:38
Composer:B. Beavers-D. Bentley-S. Bogard; Ensign Music / Home With the Armadillo Music / RanchoPapa
Instruments:Tim Crouch-f/m/g; David Talbot-bj; Randy Kohrs-db; Jay Weaver-sb
7. Why3:30
Composer:R. Clawson-V. McGehee-J. Rich; WB Music Corp. / Warner-Tamerlane Music
Instruments:Carl Baker-g; Joe Garrett-m; Mike Hall-f; Ronald Beard-db; Carl Baker-sb
8. Don't forget to remember me4:01
Composer:M. Hayes-K. Lowlace-A. Gorley; WZ2 Songs Inc. / EMI Blackwood Music
Instruments:Tim Crouch-f/m/g; Randy Kohrs-db; Beau Bassman-sb
9. Every time I hear your name3:52
Composer:K. Anderson-J. Steele-T. Hambridge; EMI April Music Inc. / Romeo Cowboy Music
Instruments:Tim Crouch-f/m/g/percussion; Larry Richardson-bj; Randy Kohrs-db; Jim Hoke-harmonica/piano/Jew's harp; Beau Bassman-sb
10. California girls3:47
Composer:J. Rich-G. Wilson; Cross Keys Publishing / Gracie Girl Publishing, ASCAP
Instruments:Kevin Sewell-g; Ned Luberecki-bj; Curtis McAlpine-m; Smokey Taylor-f; Bucky Baxter-db/pedal steel; Wesley Carol-sb; Eddie Dickhaut-percussion
11. Something to be proud of3:12
Composer:J. Steele-C. Wallin; Gottahaveable Music / Songs of Windswept Pacific / Wallerin Music
Instruments:Dennis Caplinger-g/bj/f/m/db/bs/percussion; Sharon Whyte-accordion/keyboards
12. Last day of my life3:36
Composer:T. Rouillier-P. Vassar; Mission Valley Music / Phylvester Music Inc., ASCAP
Instruments:Keith Sewell-g; Scott Vestal-bj; Curtis McAlpine-m; Steve Thomas-f; Jeremy Garrett-f; Andy Hall-db; Bucky Baxter-pedal steel; Byron House-bs
13. Nobody but me2:18
Composer:S. Camp-P. White; Sony/ATV Tree Music / Big Yellow Dog Music / Murrah Music
Instruments:Tim Crouch-f/g; Larry Richardson-bj; Randy Kohrs-db; Jim Hoke-harmonica; Jay Weaver-sb
14. 8th of November3:24
Composer:K. Alphin-J. Rich; Big Love Music / WB Music Corp. / Texan Music, ASCAP
Instruments:Tim Crouch-f/m; Randy Kohrs-db; Jim Hoke-bs/harmonica/accordion/penny whistle
15. Something more3:18
Composer:K. Bush-K. Hall-J. Nettles; Greater Good Songs / Jennifer Nettles Pub. / Dirkpit Music
Instruments:Chris Eldridge-g; Noam Pikelny-bj; Chris Pandolfi-bj; Shad Cobb-m/f; Wayne Benson-m; Andy Hall-db; Alan Bartram-bs
16. Life ain't always beautiful2:54
Composer:C. Thomson-T. Lee; Cross Keys Publishing / Ballad Boy Music / Still Working for the Man
Instruments:Tim Crouch-f/m/g; Larry Richardson-bj; Randy Kohrs-db; Jim Hoke-harmonica; Kevin Grantt-sb
17. If you're going through Hell (before the Devil eve2:34
Composer:D. Berg-S. Tate-K. Wright; Bergbrain Music / Gravitron Music / Whaddayadef Music, SESAC
Instruments:Dave Dick-g/bj/m