Pinch my bluegrass : bluegrass tribute to Barenaked Ladies

Cornbread Red

Label:CMH CD 8850
Release Date:2006-09-19
Country:United States
Barcode:027297885028 ID: 2198197
   Amazon ASIN: B000GY72N8

Song Information:

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1. If I had a million dollars4:14
2. Pinch me5:06
3. Be my Yoko Ono3:21
4. One week3:56
5. Light up my room3:09
6. Brian Wilson4:52
7. Failing for the first time4:15
8. The old apartment4:18
9. Celebrity3:25
10. Maybe Katie3:33
11. It's all been done4:04
12. Go home2:39