The best of the Vetco years

Dave Evans & River Bend

Label:Rebel CD 7519
Release Date:2008-05-06
Country:United States
County Sales:#294

Song Information:

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15. Sun's gonna shine in my back door someday2:02
14. From life's other side5:21
13. Dark as the night, blue as the day2:37
12. Call me on home, too2:35
11. Sweeter than the flowers3:28
10. Carry me back to the bluegrass2:14
9. Short life of trouble3:50
8. White House blues2:33
7. When the snow falls on my Foggy Mountain home2:55
6. Barbara Allen4:59
5. Soldier's return3:48
4. The train that carried my girl from town1:53
3. Legend of the Johnson Boys3:06
2. 99 years is almost for life4:11
1. Highway 522:58