Fine singing of wonderful sacred country songs : 24 songs

Brown's Ferry Four

Label:Gusto GT7 0961-2
Release Date:2008-04-29
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2008-07
County Sales:#293
   Amazon ASIN: B00189X98M

Song Information:

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1. Arm of God2:35
2. Bound for the shore2:15
3. Can't you hear him calling2:28
4. Eternity without Him2:35
5. Everybody will be happy over there2:00
6. Hallelujah morning2:02
7. Heaven, eternal for me2:23
8. His boundless love2:54
9. I am a weary pilgrim2:42
10. Jesus hold my hand2:49
11. Keep on the firing line2:34
12. Lord is watching over me2:44
13. On the Jericho road #12:46
14. Over in the glory land1:59
15. Praise God! He loves everybody2:45
16. Rock of ages, hide thou me2:34
17. There's a light guiding me2:50
18. There's a page in the Bible2:39
19. Through the pearly gate2:25
20. What shall I do with Jesus2:27
21. When He blessed my soul2:50
22. When the Good Lord cares2:02
23. Will the circle be unbroken2:57
24. You must be born again2:21