Leavin' town

Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper

Label:Rounder 11661 0596 2
Release Date:2008-07-29
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2008-12
County Sales:#296
   Amazon ASIN: B0017V8PIU
   Google Play: Bmh6kjemv7ozuhyxl5ltg2kvvyi

Song Information:

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1. Sold down the river2:26
2. In my mind to ramble3:01
3. My blue eyed darling3:43
4. I'm feeling for you (but I can't reach you)2:29
5. Northern white clouds3:43
6. Troubles 'round my door2:06
7. Leavin' town2:24
8. Sunday morning Christian2:53
9. Jerusalem Ridge4:37
10. I'm ridin' this train2:05
11. Come spring3:46
12. When you were mine2:53
13. Kickin' back2:02
14. Farewell for a little while3:38