Night flyer: the singer songwriter collection

Tony Rice

Label:Rounder 11661 1619 2
Release Date:2008-07-29
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2008-10
County Sales:#295
   Discogs ID8096920
   Amazon ASINB001BGTWS8
   Google PlayBpqaz2n3hhxknyucma4e4jm56ue

Song Information:

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1. Never meant to be4:07
2. Urge for going5:48
3. Me and my guitar3:55
4. St. James Hospital4:57
5. John Wilkes Booth3:51
6. Four strong winds4:00
7. Night flyer3:57
8. He rode all the way to Texas3:30
9. About love3:42
10. Changes2:20
11. Sweetheart like you4:28
12. Greenlight on the Southern3:24
13. Hard love4:19
14. Why you been gone so long3:20
15. Wayfaring stranger5:21
16. Likes of me2:58
17. Pony4:21