16 sacred gospel songs

Grandpa Jones & Brown's Ferry Four

Label:King KG 0551-4
Release Date:2004
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Come and dineGrandpa Jones
2. Dark as a dungeonGrandpa Jones
3. Our fathers had religionGrandpa Jones
4. Jonah and the whaleGrandpa Jones
5. Light in his soulGrandpa Jones
6. That depot in the skyGrandpa Jones
7. Get back on the glory roadGrandpa Jones
8. 144,000 were thereGrandpa Jones
9. The arm of GodBrown's Ferry Four
10. Can's you hear Him callingBrown's Ferry Four
11. Eternity without HimBrown's Ferry Four
12. Bound for the shoreBrown's Ferry Four
13. Heaven eternal for meBrown's Ferry Four
14. What shall I do with JesusBrown's Ferry Four
15. Praise God! He loves everybodyBrown's Ferry Four
16. You must be born againBrown's Ferry Four