10 years of European World of Bluegrass, 1998-2007

Various artists

Label:Strictly Country SCR 66
Release Date:2008-04-22
County Sales:#295

Song Information:

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48. Your long journeySkyland
47. Wood thrush songLaurie Lewis
46. In the darkest hourJohn Reischman & the Jaybirds
45. Goin' down the road feelin' badSally & the Sidewinders
44. The typewriterRawhide
43. Say that I am wrongMeantime
42. Declaration of loveGoodwill
41. A little further in the holeClaire Lynch Band
40. Beauty of my dreamsBlackjack (United Kingdom)
39. ZoltkampStroatklinkers
38. New mandolin breakdownLooping Brothers
37. Life of a steel driving manJussi Syren & the Groundbreakers
36. Right on the moneyAlbum
35. SunriseBlue Cartel
34. Brand new heartacheNew England Bluegrass Band
33. When my time comes to goDanny Paisley & the Southern Grass
32. Red foxBononia Grass
31. Lord, won't you help meLonesome Mountaineers
30. Rough edgesRoll's Boys
29. Zuzuma je sama domaPetr Brandejs Band
28. Paul and SilasSpringfield
27. Without youCarmel Sheerin & the Ravens
26. Winter's come and goneRed Wine
25. Cool nightKreni
24. A few wordsChris Jones & the Night Drivers
23. Big spike hammerMonogram
22. Pan American boogieKate MacKenzie Band
21. Train 45Mike Stevens & Raymond McLain
20. Blue yodel #4Zbynek Buresz with Chris Jones
19. Southbound trainRandy Waller & the Country Gentlemen
18. Hard ciderHickory Project
17. Talk about sufferingMideando String Quartet
16. Calm the stormRelief
15. Feast here tonightHunger Mountain Boys
14. Ida redJiri Kralik & the Rowdy Rascals
13. Joe HillDownhill
12. All I have to do is dream4 Wheel Drive
11. Dark as the nightSunny Side
10. Little whitewashed chimneyBill Clifton & the Pick of the Crop
9. St. Anne's reelLouvat Brothers
8. Stop meNugget
7. Blue lonesome windFifty Fingers
6. Light in the stormTomas Pesko Band
5. I've got a feelingLiz Meyer with Nugget
4. Nazaj u mestoFootprints
3. Cold and lonelyChapmans
2. Simple lifeBlueland
1. Fields of goldFragment