One lonely shadow

Blue Moon Rising

Label:Lonesome Day LDR 012
Release Date:2008-08-05
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2008-11
County Sales:#294
   Amazon ASIN: B001A4MML0
   Google Play: Bv23mfiol4bljt3sbffvmizhnli

Song Information:

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1. Angeline2:47
2. The hanging tree3:51
3. Grew up today3:36
4. Blue moon rising2:57
5. Freight train2:43
6. Stone cold loneliness3:34
7. Youngstown3:45
8. Marie4:53
9. Five more days of rain2:28
10. Revival3:15
11. Where there's a road4:05
12. Good time for going home3:31
13. I will come back again4:15