Bluegrass bouquet

Daughters of Bluegrass

Label:Blue Circle BCR 017
Release Date:2008-09
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2009-03
County Sales:#302

Song Information:

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17. Take me with you3:03
16. Scenes from an old country graveyard4:03
15. Your memory followed me home2:45
14. I made a friend of a flower today3:11
13. Go up on the mountain and wait5:00
12. Will you ever be satisfied3:23
11. The old family table3:27
10. Everybody got a light3:50
9. Leaving here for Nashville4:04
8. Nobody home2:59
7. I'm gonna love you now2:34
6. Desmoranda4:37
5. Carolina state of mind3:21
4. There ought to be more to love than this3:43
3. Keep on walking2:51
2. I don't think I'm going back to Harlan4:15
1. Proud to be a daughter of bluegrass3:07