The best of the Country Gentlemen

Country Gentlemen

Label:London (Japan) SLC 240
Release Date:1969
Country:Japan ID: 9110897

Song Information:

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A-1. Jesse James
A-2. Two little boys
A-3. Weeping willow
A-4. The long black veil
A-5. Brown Mountain light
A-6. Copper kettle
A-7. Down where the river bends
B-1. Sunrise
B-2. Banks of the Ohio
B-3. Darling Alalee
Composer:Arr. Duffey
B-4. Willy Roy, the cripple boy
Composer:D. Williams
B-5. Nightwalk
B-6. Drifting too far
Composer:Arr. Duffey
B-7. Five hundred miles
Composer:Arr. Duffey