From blue grass to Russian gypsy

Goose Island Ramblers

Label:Cuca K 1110
Country:United States ID: 4966281

Song Information:

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A-1. Mountain dew3:52
A-2. Oscar's cannon ball3:11
A-3. Francuzka polka1:53
A-4. Milwaukee waltz4:04
A-5. Orange Blossom Special3:17
A-6. Letter edged in black2:57
A-7. Going back to the hills2:00
B-1. Sunny Tennessee3:10
B-2. Great speckled bird3:14
B-3. Two guitars3:40
B-4. Mrs. Johnson, turn me loose3:32
B-5. Goose Island stomp1:56
B-6. Crepe on the little cabin door3:25
B-7. Black Mountain rag1:45
B-8. Norwegian war chant1:15