Rutland's reel

Patrick McAvinue

Label:Patuxent CD 174
Release Date:2008-10-01
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2009-04
County Sales:#299
   Amazon ASIN: B004MYG4MI

Song Information:

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1. Rutland's reel3:38
2. With body and soul3:07
3. Irish spring3:00
4. Skip, hop and wobble2:30
5. Henry Rutland's Country classic waltz3:34
6. Charleston #11:25
7. Down yonder3:01
8. Lonesome without you2:52
9. Rinky dinky do2:29
10. No longer a sweetheart2:21
11. Soppin' the gravy1:30
12. Old dangerfield5:11