Give me the roses

Allison Williams

Label:Rome G No #
Release Date:2008
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B001LX4HR2
   Google Play: Bhuotali637bae3cmazlmypdipq

Song Information:

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1. Love in the election year. Part 13:09
2. Preacher got drunk3:02
3. Anything3:20
4. Just what I've been looking for2:20
5. Willow garden3:32
6. Love in the election year. Part 21:42
7. Pine floor waltz3:52
8. Construction3:13
9. Give me the roses3:20
10. Charming Betsy3:10
11. The harbor3:11
12. Wild Bill Jones3:30
13. Lee Creek waltz3:15
14. John Hughes hero2:58