Sing the songs of Bill Monroe

Stanley Brothers

Label:Gusto GT7 0547
Release Date:200-?
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Six months ain't long
2. Lover's quarrel
3. Stoney Creek
4. Mother's only sleeping
5. How beautiful Heaven must be
6. No letter today
7. Little Joe
8. Working on a building
9. Jenny Lynn
10. I'll meet you in church Sunday morning
11. This wicked path of sin
12. Weeping willow
13. Pretty little miss in the garden
14. Midnight ramble
15. I saw the light
16. Will the circle be unbroken
17. Little Maggie
18. What about you
19. Back up and push
20. Pass me not
21. Over in the gloryland
22. Somebody touched me
23. Hills of Roan County