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Bobby Osborne & the Rocky Top X-Press

Label:Rounder 11661 0603 2
Release Date:2009-03-31
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2009-06
County Sales:#300
   Amazon ASIN: B001PP9Q3G
   Google Play: Bvchcs5ie4zh32tgbnbbs7s2zuq

Song Information:

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1. Let's sing our song3:17
2. What would you give in exchange for your soul4:39
3. A wise man's mind will change2:34
4. You can2:34
5. Different definition of love2:48
6. Drivin' my life away3:23
7. Girl from yesterday3:26
8. Keystone coal2:47
9. After the fire is gone3:21
10. Hyden3:28
11. Shenandoah wind3:12
12. Way up on the mountain3:25