A jam session with Benny & Jerry Thomasson

Benny & Jerry Thomasson

Label:Voyager VRLP 309
Release Date:1973
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Cripple CreekBenny Thomasson 0:40
A-2. Salt RiverBenny Thomasson 1:15
A-3. Apple blossomBenny Thomasson 2:20
A-4. Liverpool hornpipeBenny Thomasson 1:10
A-5. Paddy on the turnpike / Snowbird in the ashesBenny Thomasson 1:10
A-6. Sally JohnsonBenny Thomasson 3:00
A-7. Draggin' the bowBenny Thomasson 2:10
A-8. Leather britchesBenny Thomasson 2:15
A-9. WaggonerBenny Thomasson 2:15
A-10. Billy in the lowgroundBenny Thomasson 2:40
B-1. Don't let the deal go downBenny Thomasson 2:00
B-2. That's a-plentyBenny Thomasson 2:15
B-3. Kansas City kittyBenny Thomasson 1:35
B-4. Jack of diamondsBenny Thomasson 1:35
B-5. Grey eagleBenny Thomasson 1:30
B-6. Soppin' the gravyBenny Thomasson 2:00
B-7. Cotton patch ragBenny Thomasson 2:50
B-8. HotfootBenny Thomasson 2:20
B-9. Durang's hornpipeBenny Thomasson 2:35
B-10. Twinkle little starBenny Thomasson 1:10