Living legend of country music

Molly O'Day

Label:Gusto GT7 0876-2
Release Date:2009
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B001T9YG9C

Song Information:

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1. Living the right life now2:17
2. I'd like to talk it over with Him3:13
3. When the angels rolled the stone away3:01
4. Traveling the highway home2:11
5. Coming down from God2:25
6. I'll face nobody's record but mine4:29
7. I have but one goal3:40
8. He has called me by my name2:58
9. King Jesus will roll all burdens away3:41
10. I'm going to walk right in1:46
11. When my time comes to go2:41
12. I'm going home on the morning train2:35