Various artists

Label:Left of Center 869
Release Date:2009
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2009-10

Song Information:

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17. What a friend we have in JesusTim Scheerhorn
16. TurnaroundJimmy Ross
15. Dust my broomRandy Kohrs
14. Primo duetto for reso & violaBilly Cardine
13. Carter's bluesJack Ferguson
12. Cattle in the caneTim Hiers
11. Autumn sunsetTim Scheerhorn
10. Hot Toddy's snake oilTodd Livingston
9. Hot Toddy's snake oil introductionTodd Livingston
8. She's crazy about meJustin Moses
7. River of tearsShannon Hayes & David Blazer
6. Drivin' the nailsLou Wamp
5. FishtailAndy Hall
4. Is this AmericaMike Witcher
3. Walkin' to RockfordBruce Bouton
2. 2 in 24Randy Kohrs & Sally van Meter
1. Wheel hossRob Ickes