Celebrating 50 years of Del McCoury

Del McCoury

Label:McCoury Music 0050
Release Date:2009
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2010-01
County Sales:#300

Song Information:

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E-10. My love will not change
E-9. Mill towns
E-8. Unequal love
E-7. Nothin' special
E-6. It's just the night
E-5. All aboard
E-4. I'm afraid I forgot the feeling
E-3. Same kind of crazy as me
E-2. Let an old racehorse run
E-1. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
D-10. Cheek to cheek with the blues
D-9. Learnin' the blues
D-8. Asheville turnaround
D-7. Never grow up boy
D-6. City of stone
D-5. 50/50 chance
D-4. Backslidin' blues
D-3. A far cry
D-2. Black Jack County chains
D-1. Cold hard facts
C-10. Beauty of my dreams
C-9. Nashville cats
C-8. Queen Anne's lace
C-7. Eli Renfro
C-6. Take me with you to the mountains
C-5. Undone in sorrow
C-4. Who showed who?
C-3. Don't let your love get in the way
C-2. I feel the blues movin' in
C-1. Loneliness & desperation
B-10. Loggin' man
B-9. Evil hearted woman
B-8. Don't you call my name
B-7. Bluest man in town
B-6. I've endured
B-5. Good man like me
B-4. Pick me up on your way down
B-3. Rain please go away
B-2. High on the mountain
B-1. Big rock in the road
A-10. The prisoner's song
A-9. Don't stop the music
A-8. You're the girl of my dreams
A-7. Dark hollow
A-6. White House blues
A-5. Dreams
A-4. Are you teasin' me?
A-3. Rain & snow
A-2. Remembering
A-1. I wonder where you are tonight