Songs of yesterday

Country Ham

Label:Vetco LP 522
Release Date:1984
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Rolling hills and cedar fences3:14
Composer:Judie Cox Pagter
A-2. You are my flower3:19
Composer:Maybell Carter
A-3. Sugar in the gourd2:13
A-4. Sweeter than the flowers2:38
Composer:Ervin T. Rouse
A-5. Little Annie2:40
Composer:Stephen Foster
A-6. The Pain he's caused2:40
Composer:Judie Cox Pagter
A-7. Shoo fly2:08
B-1. I'll never be happy2:23
B-2. Sunny side of life2:24
Composer:Bill Bolick
B-3. Heel and toe polka2:02
B-4. A flower blooming in the wildwood2:35
B-5. Love me now2:39
B-6. The Little rosewood casket2:54
Composer:Charles A. White-Louis P. Goullaud
B-7. I would not be denied2:03
Composer:C.P. Jones
B-8. Sail away ladies2:12