Songs of mother and home

Country Ham

Label:Vetco LP 526
Release Date:1985
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Pennsylvania2:13
Composer:Judie Pagter
A-2. Cabin on the hill2:22
Composer:Bolivar Lee Shook
A-3. Tell mother I'll be there3:27
Composer:Charles M. Fillmore
A-4. Maple on the hill2:11
Composer:Gussie L. David
A-5. I have an aged mother2:47
A-6. Dreaming of a little cabin2:57
Composer:A.E. Brumley
A-7. Sweet mother of the hills2:54
B-1. Hold fast to the right3:10
B-2. Sunbonnet mother2:14
B-3. Sweet Kitty Wells2:48
Composer:T. Brigham Bishop
B-4. Little whitewashed chimney2:44
B-5. The Sweetest gift (a mother's smile)2:51
Composer:J. B. Coates
B-6. The Old home town2:06
B-7. I'm going back to the old home1:51