24 greatest all-time hits

Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper

Label:TeeVee TV 0752-2
Release Date:200-?
Country:United States

Song Information:

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24. Wildwood flower
23. On the rock where Moses stood
22. Little rosewood casket
21. Wreck on the highway
20. Give me the roses while I live
19. Worried man blues
18. Lulu Wall
17. This old house
16. Hello central, give me Heaven
15. When I lay my burdens down
14. I dreamed about mama last night
13. Little darling pal of mine
12. Keep on the firing line
11. Sweet fern
10. God gave Noah the rainbow sign
9. Picture on the wall
8. Tramp on the street
7. I'm going home on the morning train
6. Great speckled bird
5. Gathering flowers from the hillside
4. Thirty pieces of silver
3. The legend of the dogwood tree
2. You are my flower
1. Walking my Lord up Calvary's Hill