28 greatest hits

Grandpa Jones

Label:Gusto-King KG 5102-2
Release Date:200-?
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Mountain dew
2. 15 cents is all I got
3. You'll make our shack a mansion
4. Eight more miles to Louisville
5. Bald headed end of the broom
6. Old Rattler
7. Down in Dixie (where they say you all)
8. East bound freight train
9. Time, time, time, time
10. Take it on out the door
11. Get back on the glory road
12. I'm tying the leaves so they won't come down
13. You done me mean and hateful
14. I don't know gee from haw
15. I'm my own Grandpa
16. Chicken don't roost too high
17. Tragic romance
18. Daisy Dean
19. Are you from Dixie?
20. Five-string banjo boogie
21. How many biscuits can you eat?
22. Old Rattler's treed again
23. Grandpa's getting married again
24. It's raining here this morning
25. Our fathers had religion
26. Don't sweet talk me
27. Uncle Eph's got the coon
28. My little nagging wife