Little mountain church

The Mud Springs Gospel Band

Label:No label 619981290524
Release Date:2009
Country:United States

Song Information:

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1. Man in the middle2:26
2. Like a shepherd2:51
3. Goodnight, the Lord's comin'1:31
4. Little mountain church house2:57
5. Amazing grace2:28
6. Lead me to the rock2:41
7. Dancing with the angels3:12
8. Love is so patient3:31
9. Talk about suffering2:06
10. Knockin' at the door1:59
11. Running back4:17
12. Peace give I to thee3:10
13. Come unto me3:09
14. I can go to them1:59
15. Where the soul never dies2:45
16. When I survey2:52