Cowboy classics : Old West cowboy collection

Michael Martin Murphey

Label:Rural Rhythm RHY-CD 1048
Release Date:2009-06-06
Country:United States
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Song Information:

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1. I ride an old paint3:37
2. Whoopie ti-yi-yo2:27
3. The Old Chisholm Trail4:39
4. Strawberry roan4:15
5. Red River Valley5:41
6. Little Joe the wrangler4:10
7. The Colorado Trail3:42
8. Tying knots in the Devil's tail3:09
9. When the work's all done this fall4:16
10. The yellow rose of Texas2:50
11. Utah Carroll3:45
12. The streets of Laredo6:59
13. The bunkhouse orchestra2:05
14. Old horse5:12
15. Night hawk8:00