Blue Ridge Mountain memories : 20 gospel favorites

Marksmen Quartet

Label:Rural Rhythm Christian RHYC 2003
Release Date:2009-10-27
Country:United States

Song Information:

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20. Kneel at the cross1:41
19. I'm on my way3:08
18. Angel band3:39
17. Just a rose will do3:51
16. When we all get to Heaven2:14
15. Just as I am2:13
14. Precious Lord4:27
13. In the garden2:56
12. Take my hand precious Lord3:28
11. Came out of the wilderness2:13
10. Nothing but the blood1:56
9. What a friend3:30
8. Neath the old olive tree3:44
7. An old account settled2:25
6. The Gospel according to John3:00
5. The sun didn't shine2:50
4. Love letters in the sand3:17
3. Holy mana2:25
2. There is power in the blood2:08
1. O why not tonight1:38