Another day

Amanda & Scott Anderson

Label:Mato Music 1314
Release Date:2009
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2009-12 ID: 11977981

Song Information:

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1. Breakaway4:06
Composer:John Mayer-Matt Mangano
Instruments:Scott Anderson-g; Amanda Anderson-f; Jarrod Walker-m; David McMillan-drums; David McMillan-electric bs
Vocals:A. Anderson-L/H; S. Anderson-H
2. Looking in the eyes of love4:19
Composer:Kosta Walker-Trisha Walker
Instruments:Scott Anderson-g; Jarrod Walker-rhythm g/m; Mike Godwin-sb
Vocals:A. Anderson-L/H; S. Anderson-H
3. Red haired boy3:05
Instruments:Scott Anderson-g/bj; Jarrod Walker-m; Amanda Anderson-f; Mike Godwin-sb
4. Georgia on my mind4:08
Composer:Hoagy Carmichael-Stuart Gorrell
Instruments:Austin Wilder-g; Jarrod Walker-m; Mike Godwin-sb
Vocals:A. Anderson-L
5. Out of the rain3:35
Composer:Hjessee Havey
Instruments:Scott Anderson-g/bj; Jarrod Walker-m; Amanda Anderson-f; Cory Walker-sb
Vocals:A. Anderson-L; S. Anderson-H
6. Eileen's waltz3:27
Composer:Mark Schatz
Instruments:Scott Anderson-g; Amanda Anderson-f; Tommy Slaughter-harmony f; Mark Schatz-sb
7. Another day3:45
Composer:Leslie Satcher
Instruments:Scott Anderson-g; Cory Walker-resonator g; David McMillan-electric bs/drums
Vocals:A. Anderson-L; D. McMillan-H; S. Anderson-H
8. I will4:26
Instruments:Scott Anderson-g/bj; Cory Walker-resonator g; Mike Godwin-sb; David McMillan-percussion
Vocals:A. Anderson-L; S. Anderson-H
9. Soldier's joy2:50
Instruments:Scott Anderson-bj; Amanda Anderson-f
10. Wayfaring stranger4:57
Instruments:Scott Anderson-g; Amanda Anderson-f; Cory Walker-resonator g; Mike Godwin-sb
Vocals:S. Anderson-L/H
11. Tengo tres gatos2:24
Composer:Alva S. Anderson-Amanda Anderson
Instruments:Scott Anderson-g/bj; Amanda Anderson-f; David McMillan-bs/drums
Vocals:S. Anderson-V