Home among the hills : a musical tribute to the Carter Family

Mother's Boys

Label:Hen Cackle HC 510-CD
Release Date:2017-07-18
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2018-02
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Song Information:

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1. You've been a friend to me3:14
2. My Clinch Mountain home3:15
3. Carter's blues4:03
4. My home among the hills2:33
5. Little Moses4:29
6. Single girl, married girl2:22
7. I am thinking tonight of my blue eyes3:34
8. Foggy mountain top3:13
9. Jimmy Brown the newsboy3:23
10. Stern old bachelor3:29
11. Coal miner's blues3:16
12. My Dixie darling3:22
13. Oh, take me back2:49
14. Sweet Heaven in my view3:51
15. Keep on the sunny side3:15