Fire on the kettle : Sawmill Road 2

Sawmill Road

Label:SMR SMR 102
Release Date:2009-06
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2010-01
County Sales:#304

Song Information:

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1. Leave me the way I am2:31
2. The rose of Donnally's Hollow3:46
3. Down in Caroline2:46
4. Fire on the kettle3:36
5. Lonesome road to travel2:42
6. Dunluce Castle4:20
7. The leaves mustn't fall4:18
8. The Mary Ellen Carter3:56
9. The far side of the river3:13
10. I found another darlin'2:52
11. Heaven's key3:00
12. As far as love goes2:57
13. Reacquainted with the blues2:59
14. Handsome Molly3:44