When the golden leaves begin to fall

The Spinney Brothers

Label:No label SB 10007
Release Date:2009
County Sales:#301
   Amazon ASIN: B00FIPQZ8I

Song Information:

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1. We'll meet again sweetheart2:41
2. When the golden leaves begin to fall3:48
3. How many times2:05
4. Let the light shine down1:50
5. No letter in the mail2:18
6. Will you be lovin' another man2:40
7. Smokey Mountain memories3:27
8. I only exist3:26
9. Boss of this house2:12
10. I'll still write your name in the sand2:32
11. Rocky Top2:31
12. Sweet wonderful words2:24
13. Send me your address in Heaven3:05
14. I pray to God4:34