Live from Hominy Valley, 2001

Primitive Quartet

Label:Unknown ?
Release Date:200-?
Country:United States

Song Information:

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27. No foreign shore
26. I'd like to go to sleep
25. I'll thank my Lord
24. With my dear Lord
23. Heaven's bright shore
22. Sunday morning in Mayberry
21. Fallen leaves
20. I mean to go thru
19. Don't weaken the wheel
18. Everlasting joy
17. God's only son
16. I saw the face of Jesus
15. I can feel the tug
14. I do not walk alone
13. If I could telephone Heaven
12. Here is love
11. At the cross
10. His name is Jesus
9. God can't see through the blood
8. Stay by the brook
7. Sleep mother sleep
6. Bright home
5. Brother John
4. Please go with us to Heaven
3. It's Him
2. Memories of home
1. Glory land is nearing