Waitin' for the sun to shine

Ricky Skaggs

Label:Skaggs Family CD 739692
Release Date:2009
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. If that's the way you feel3:05
Composer:R. Stanley
A-2. Don't get above your raising3:10
Composer:L. Flatt, E. Scruggs
A-3. Your old love letters2:55
Composer:J. Bond
A-4. Low and lonely2:55
Composer:F. Jenkins
A-5. Waitin' for the sun to shine3:47
Composer:S. Throckmorton
B-1. You may see me walkin'2:25
Composer:T. Uhr
B-2. Crying my heart out over you2:58
Composer:C. Butler, L. Certain, G. Stacey, M. Wilkin
B-3. Lost to a stranger2:50
Composer:F. Brown, Jr.
B-4. I don't care2:15
Composer:W. Pierce, C. Walker
B-5. So round, so firm, so fully packed2:50
Composer:M. Travis, E. Kirk, C. Stone