Where do you come from? Where do you go? : 50 years

The New Lost City Ramblers

Label:Smithsonian Folkways SFW 40180
Release Date:2009-07
Country:United States
County Sales:#302
   Discogs.com ID: 8024075
   Amazon ASIN: B002KJE5LE
   Google Play: Brj2a5mp7vjh5alkstd2dcdjgzm

Song Information:

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A-1. Colored aristocracy
A-2. Hopalong Peter
A-3. Don't let your deal go down
A-4. When first unto this country
A-5. Sales tax on the women
A-6. Rabbit chase
A-7. Leaving home
A-8. How can a poor man stand such times and live?
A-9. Franklin D. Roosevelt's back again
A-10. I truly understand you love another man
A-11. The old fish song
A-12. The Battleship of Maine
A-13. No depression in Heaven
A-14. Dallas rag
A-15. Bill Morgan and his gal
A-16. Fly around my pretty little miss
A-17. The lady of Carlisle
A-18. Brown's Ferry blues
A-19. My long journey home
A-20. Talking hard luck
A-21. The teetotals
A-22. Sal got a meatskin
A-23. Railroad blues
A-24. On some foggy mountain top
A-25. My sweet farm girl
A-26. Crow black chicken
B-1. John Brown's dream
B-2. Riding on that train
B-3. The Titanic
B-4. Don't get trouble in your mind
B-5. Cowboy waltz
B-6. Shut up in the mines of Coal Creek
B-7. Private John Q
B-8. Old Johnny Bucker wouldn't do
B-9. I've always been a rambler
B-10. Automobile trip through Alabama
B-11. Who killed poor Robin?
B-12. My wife died on Saturday night
B-13. Little Satchel
B-14. Black bottom strut
B-15. The cat's got the measels, the dog's got the whooping
B-16. Dear Okie
B-17. Smoketown strut
B-18. The little girl and the dreadful snake
B-19. Fishing Creek blues
B-20. 31 Depression blues
B-21. Black Jack Daisy
B-22. Victory rag
B-23. The little carpenter
B-24. On our turpentine farm
B-25. Parlez-nous a boire
B-26. Valse du bambocheur
B-27. Old Joe Bone
C-1. Colored aristocracy
C-2. Cluck old hen
C-3. Young Emily
C-4. Going down the river
C-5. Billy Grimes the rover
C-6. Pretty little miss
C-7. Dark & stormy weather
C-8. Sioux Indians
C-9. Moonshiner
C-10. Long lonesome road
C-11. Cotton eyed Joe
C-12. New White House blues
C-13. Milwaukee blues
C-14. Poor old dirt farmer
C-15. Cady Hill
C-16. I belong to the band
C-17. Freight train
C-18. I'm leaving you
C-19. Walking boss
C-20. Mother's advice
C-21. Hills of Mexico
C-22. Galax rag
C-23. Say old man, can you play a fiddle?
C-24. Awake, awake
C-25. Bowling Green
C-26. Madeleine
C-27. Fishing Creek blues
C-28. Sally in the garden