Sacred, sentimental & silly

Frank Welling & John McGhee

Label:Old Homestead OHCS 175
Release Date:1987
Country:United States ID: 3828651

Song Information:

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A-1. Old Kentucky dew2:49
A-2. Hard luck Jim2:25
A-3. Beech Fork special2:52
A-4. Sweet Adeline at the still2:37
A-5. A flower from my angel mother's grave3:03
A-6. Moundsville prisoner2:44
A-7. Picture on the wall3:03
A-8. Where is my mama2:59
B-1. School days2:45
B-2. When my business rolled away3:02
B-3. There's a great day coming2:51
B-4. Hallelujah side2:53
B-5. I will follow Jesus2:42
B-6. Hallelujah all the way2:38
B-7. Life ain't worth living when you're broke3:05
B-8. Sweeping through the gates2:41
B-9. Shake hands with mother again3:08