Show me the way to go home

Foggy Mountain Hilton

Label:Patuxent CD 199
Release Date:2009
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2010-01

Song Information:

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1. Alcatraz Island blues2:10
2. Living like a fool3:20
3. Ain't gonna waste my time2:26
4. You're gonna be sorry some of these days2:28
5. Air mail special2:23
6. Please don't leave me here alone2:24
7. Extra!2:25
8. Bluegrass music has ruined my life3:38
9. Sugar Tree Creek2:37
10. Drunkard's grave3:06
11. Tiny broken heart2:45
12. My darling's last goodbye2:05
13. Calling your name2:47
14. I'll never forget3:14
15. Show me the way to go home3:17