In concert at Cypress Gardens

Larry Stephenson

Label:Pinecastle PRC 0109
Release Date:2008-06-24
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B0019F031G

Song Information:

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1. Timber (I'm falling in love)
2. I should've called
3. I know one
4. Stokes Run
5. The violet and a rose
6. When I left East Virginia
7. Close my eyes to Heaven
8. Alabama jubilee
9. Born to sing
10. Many hills of time
11. Restless blue eyed lover
12. Can't stop myself from loving you
13. Poor Ellen Smith
14. Here I am in love again
15. Teardrops from my eyes
16. The sound (that set my soul on fire)
17. In the garden
18. Yes, I see God