Some day : the fifteenth anniversary collection

Blue Highway

Label:Rounder CD 0633
Release Date:2010-01-19
Country:United States
BG Unlimited:2010-02
County Sales:#306

Song Information:

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13. Wondrous love3:24
12. Marbletown3:31
11. Wild urge to ramble2:54
10. Seven Sundays in a row3:35
9. Sycamore Hollow4:11
8. Elzik's farewellRob Ickes 3:15
7. The seventh angel4:07
6. Still climbing mountains3:41
5. Some day1:57
4. Monrobro3:10
3. Bleeding for a little piece of mind5:16
2. Through the window of a train3:06
1. Cold and lowdown lonesome blues3:54