From the maple to the hill

Wade Mainer

Label:Old Homestead OHTRS 4000
Release Date:1976
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Hard rocking chair3:19
Composer:Wade Mainer
A-2. Reel and rock2:03
Composer:Wade Mainer
A-3. Sally Ann2:50
A-4. I've always been a rambler2:45
A-5. Walking in my sleep2:48
A-6. City on the hill2:36
B-1. I saw a man at the close of day2:37
B-2. Handsome Molly2:01
B-3. Courtin' in the rain3:12
B-4. Down at the end of memory lane2:50
B-5. Blue Ridge Mountain blues2:53
B-6. When our Lord shall come again2:18
Composer:Wade Mainer
C-1. Down in the willow garden3:17
C-2. Old Joe Clark2:56
C-3. Long journey home3:19
C-4. Fire on the mountain3:10
C-5. J U L I E2:47
Composer:Virgil Shouse-Wade Mainer
C-6. Don't wait until I'm under the clay2:30
Composer:Wade Mainer
D-1. Maple on the hill2:47
D-2. Don't tell me no lie3:09
Composer:Wade Mainer
D-3. Watermelon on the vine2:17
D-4. McKinley2:40
D-5. Lynchburg town2:11
D-6. Companions draw nigh3:12