Family folks

The Maddox Brothers & Rose

Label:Bear Family BFX 15083
Release Date:1981
Country:United States
   Amazon ASIN: B006SRQLI4

Song Information:

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A-1. Tall man2:30
A-2. I'll go steppin' too2:19
Composer:T. James-Organ
A-3. One-two-three-four Anyplace Road2:49
A-4. Did you ever come home2:20
Composer:Whitey Knight
A-5. I wonder if I can lose the blues this way2:18
Composer:J.D. Miller
A-6. Marry me again2:34
Composer:D. Rose-Maddox
A-7. Burrito Joe2:33
A-8. I'm a little red caboose2:23
Composer:Bradshaw-W. Evans
B-1. Cocquita of Laredo2:31
Composer:Rose Maddox
B-2. On Mexico's beautiful shores2:27
Composer:J. Lange-L. Porter-Heath
B-3. I'll make sweet love to you2:22
Composer:Rose Maddox
B-4. Kiss me quick and go2:04
B-5. Little Willie waltz2:29
Composer:Rose Maddox
B-6. Let this be the last time2:27
Composer:Barton-Rose Maddox
B-7. Wish you would2:31
B-8. A Beautiful bouquet2:40
Composer:D. Rose-Rose Maddox