With champion fiddlin'

Sam Sloan

Label:No label SP 76009
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Kelly waltz1:40
A-2. Back up and push2:17
A-3. 50 year ago waltz2:15
A-4. Tom and Jerry1:47
A-5. Martin's waltz2:43
A-6. 4 string polka2:20
A-7. Gold and silver waltz2:22
B-1. Billy in the low ground2:47
B-2. Waltz of the Shannon4:10
B-3. Drunken billy goat2:10
B-4. Westphalia waltz2:24
B-5. Grey eagle2:12
B-6. Chuck in the bush2:15
B-7. Clarinet polka1:35