Will you be ready?

Elmo & Patsy (the Homestead Act)

Label:Oink 8021
Release Date:1980
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Mama's got the know how3:05
Composer:Doug Kershaw
A-2. Far from over3:25
Composer:Joe Crane
A-3. Jenny Mae3:30
Composer:Elmo Shropshire
A-4. Long way from San Antone3:20
Composer:Joe Crane
A-5. Dead skunk3:45
Composer:Louden Wainwright III
B-1. Will you be ready (at the plate when Jesus throws3:15
Composer:Randy Brooks
B-2. Wabask Cannonball3:25
B-3. The Lover2:35
Composer:Elmo Shropshire
B-4. From the corner of my eye2:55
Composer:Doug Corrigan
B-5. I'd walk with you3:05
Composer:Elmo Shropshire