The Marc Pruett Band

Marc Pruett Band

Label:Davis & Pruett IRC 1083
Release Date:198-?
Country:United States

Song Information:

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A-1. Are you from Dixie1:57
A-2. Blue, blue day2:15
A-3. Stay all night2:27
A-4. Blue eyes cryin' in the rain4:10
A-5. Beaumont rag2:09
A-6. Tennessee stud3:38
B-1. The Grand Ole Opry song2:45
B-2. Blues for Dixie2:34
B-3. The Workin' man blues2:52
B-4. The Waltz you saved for me3:15
B-5. Battle of New Orleans2:49
B-6. Fox on the run2:29
B-6. Rocky Top
B-6. Roll in my sweet baby's arms